Thursday, January 6, 2011

January 6th - Would you look at that.

One year ago today I may have forgotten to blog, but not this year! And as of January 11th I will have officially blogged every day for a year! So much excitement!
I also realized I'm going to hit my 2,000th tweet soon, which also means that I'll have my 2,011th tweet in 2011! I'm kinda happy about that.

So, I might play rugby this spring, or something? Pia is trying to get me to join, and it's just a club sport...I dunno, I may end up trying it out at least.

Margarita got me two puzzles for Christmas and I really want to start working on one of them tonight. I haven't done one in ages, and especially not a 1,000 piece one. But I'm ready! Bring it on!


  1. Ugh rugby? Yess.... So much fun and there's a place on the team for all skill sets. You for sure do not have to be a large rock to play. :) Go for it! I'd be so proud. :'D

  2. That's so adorable that you're gonna reach the 2011th tweet in 2011!