Saturday, January 1, 2011

January 1st - Day One

It's a new year and a new blog! How exciting! I still can't believe it's been one year since I started blogging.

Because it is 2011, I have made 11 New Year's resolutions. Some are whimsical and others are serious, but they are all things I hope to do this year.

11 New Year’s Resolutions for 2011.

1.     Appreciate the beauty in everyday life.
2.     Decide on a major and/or minor.
3.     Perform well in school and work towards a high GPA.
4.     Get 100% on the Original 151 Pok√©mon Sporcle quiz.
5.     Employ a healthy lifestyle.
6.     No soda all year.
7.     Audition for a choir or play.
8.     Maintain my ability to do the splits.
9.     Experiment with my hair, piercings, and style.
10. Get my driver’s license.
11.  DFTBA.

So, what wonderful things will 2011 bring? We'll have to see!

Thought: I've been rekindling my passion for being a Speech Pathologist recently, but to do so I'd have to transfer schools. The University of Minnesota at Duluth has a program, and it's remarkably cheaper to go there. I love Gustavus, but I also want to pursue that career. Right now I'm thinking of applying there and seeing what happens.

The 2010 blog has been updated! It is now a showcase of my favorite posts from 2010. All of the posts from 2010 are in The Archives, and if you'd like an invitation to read those, send me your email address.

Back to school tomorrow. Not sure if I'm ready for that. Class starts on Monday too, and I'll now be working three days a week to bring in some extra money for myself. School has become rather intimidating to me.

Now let's make 2011 count.


  1. YES! I win so hard. First comment on the first post of 2011 ever!

    Anyways. =] You want to go an entire year without soda? Good luck to you on that one. And whatever happens with switching schools or not, I wish you the best of luck. Follow your dreams and all that jazz. But seriously, if you're not going to do something passionate with your life, then what's the point?
    Keep that in mind! <3 Happy New Year!