Tuesday, October 8, 2019

October 8th

Strasbourg is so beautiful! Unfortunately it’s a bit grey here today, but that’s all right. I am dreadful at French though. Like, I knew that going in, but I was presented with a French menu at a little cafe/smoothie place and while I knew that a Fragola smoothie would be strawberry, I didn’t know that the “Le Thon” Sandwich that I panic-ordered was tuna...with corn? Such a weird combo. Not bad, but like...I didn’t want tuna. I’m regrouping at my hotel right now because I literally could not find a public toilet, so I just went back to my hotel. How embarrassing.

I also bought...perfume! It was honestly a completely impulse buy. I was in what is essentially the French equivalent of Nordstrom because oh my god, they have a lovely perfume selection. Lots of stuff that was way too expensive though. Then I see these little 30ml Diptyque bottles. I smell the tuberose one. Then OF COURSE, because apparently it is a universal thing for perfume ladies in department stores to hover, the sales lady comes over and is speaking to me in French and I’m saying the only French phrase I learned for this trip (“I don’t speak French.”) and she explains kindly in English that this is some limited edition bottle blah blah and it was actually quite affordable as far as Diptyque goes, like 55 Euros, so...I bought it. It’s quite a French scent, so it just felt right.

Then I went to Uniqlo and bought a raincoat because it’s been drizzling, and embarked on an incredibly long journey to find a toilet. I never found one. So now I’m at my hotel having a snack before dinner.

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