Friday, October 11, 2019

October 11th

Sometimes when you travel alone, you have to do dumb stuff that you wouldn’t usually do. For me, that means deciding spur of the moment that sure, after shopping you’d actually be quite keen on seeing the Brandenburg Gate because not much is open. And hey, it’s a two mile walk at night, but that’s okay! And then you get a mile into your walk and you’re sort of away from all the stores and the interesting things to look at. But what’s this? A Lime scooter left in the middle of the sidewalk? And your GPS wants you to go through and completely unlit park that may or may not be open? Oh sure! It’s not like I’d know my surroundings any better in the daytime! Sure, this park is probably really lovely, but it’s totally fine if all I can see is two feet in front of me! And sure, I stepped in a deep puddle that totally soaked through my shoes!

But I made it to the Gate! And there was a light show! And then I saw a cool lady playing guitar and singing Hozier and OutKast!

And then I took an Uber back to the hotel.

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