Tuesday, January 15, 2019

January 15th

Yesterday I accidentally forgot to take my Klonopin before leaving the house. I figured I’d just go home at lunch and take it, no big deal. Then lunchtime came around and I decided I’d rather just go to Subway. And when I got home after work I decided I might as well just wait til the next day at that point.

This morning I decided I was already one day off benzos, night as well keep the streak going. I brought the bottle in my bag just in case, and consulted some (benzo-recovered) peers online, and the general consensus is that I was at a good “jumping off” point — so tomorrow, I will skip my dose again. And hopefully I will skip it again and again forever.

The one timing downside is that this interferes with me starting up school again. However, I want to start classes without worrying about anhedonia, derealization, and all the other fun withdrawal symptoms. So, I guess I’m pushing that out...again. That really bums me out. However, getting off of benzos is a big deal and I need to take care of myself, so that takes precedent. Now is the time to let my brain heal.

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