Friday, December 29, 2017

December 29th

Apparently it's impossible to see a primary care physician in is city. Honestly, how can no doctors be accepting new patients? I literally had to go back to urgent care today because I spent ages this morning calling around trying to find a doctor, any doctor who could see me. The best response was "He has openings in April, would that work?" Um, no, I cannot wait four months to be seen. And then of course one of the biggest care provider networks just isn't scheduling people right now. Their scheduling department is straight up closed until Tuesday. I need to see a primary care physician. I'm going to have new insurance in 2018 so I need a new PCP. On top of that, I can only get into a neurologist with a referral from a PCP. And my left arm, with its messed up nerves (which apparently might actually be a different nerve than I was told at my first urgent care appointment but WHO KNOWS because apparently I can't see a fucking neurologist until hell freezes over) need attention. I'm so fucking frustrated. This whole healthcare system is messed up.

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