Monday, July 31, 2017

July 31st

Sorry for such a short entry yesterday! I couldn't find my "natural" Dramamine (the ginger pill) so I had to take the regular "less drowsy" formula which completely knocked me out. The worst thing about the "less drowsy" formula is that not only is it totally sleep-inducing, it's a 24-hour formula. And the sleep you get on it is far from quality sleep.

All that said, I did have a good time at the fair yesterday. I saw the tallest horse I've ever seen in my life which was rad. I didn't go on a single damn ride because oh my god fair rides are even worse than regular rides and I already don't like 90% of rides.

I only just got back from a dog walk about half an hour ago (he was just a little puppy, only 12 weeks old!) so my evening is a little wonky, but I've got another dog walk in the morning so I gotta get some good rest. Hopefully Cas won't decide to literally try and bite my scalp again. He knows that's an effective way to wake me up though. Just yank out my hair.

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