Friday, June 16, 2017

June 16th

Hey friends, it's me! The one with the sore mouth!

So I spent about seven hours at the dentist yesterday. The first hour was them getting me all set up and trying very hard to find a vein to put my sweet, sweet sedatives took eight tries. My arms and hands and wrists are...kinda bruised. That part wasn't very fun. After they got it working though, things went pretty smoothly. I don't have a great memory of it, I remember a few things here and there but mostly I was just really tired and zoned out. I'd close my eyes and open them what felt like a few minutes later when it was actually probably like half and hour later. But I didn't feel anxious about not "being in control" or any of that stuff I was worried about. I just kinda let myself be chill. The problem came in the last hour when they were easing me out of the sedatives...and the Novocaine was wearing off. Along with my dentist there were two assistants, one of whom was not the gentle sort of person. She took my temporary crowns on and off so many tines and she did so very aggressively. I was literally cringing in pain and she didn't say anything to me or ask if I was okay. She did tell me to "keep my mouth open" a lot. You know, your jaw gets tired when it's been forced open for six hours. I was trying.

So on the plus side, a majority of my fillings and crowns are done. I still need to get my veneers redone and my two temporary crowns (from my root canal teeth) replaced with permanent ones. I also have my upper right teeth to get filled. So I have another long-ish appointment ahead of me, though I don't think I'll need or want sedation for it.

The downside to the sedation is that stuff will stay in you for awhile and you'll be a sleepy sheep for like an entire 24 hours. Hell, I'm still kinda tired and I've napped today. And my mouth hurts a lot. Mostly where aggressive-assistant was jamming temporary crowns down into my gums, but also my jaw from my mouth being propped open for so long. I can only eat very soft foods, and even trying to chew things like bread can be painful.

Once I get my work schedule tomorrow, I'll be able to get my next appointment(s) set up. I am so ready to be done with all of this. I know it'll be worth it by my goodness, this is a lot! At least I have a wonderful kitty to keep me company.

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