Wednesday, June 14, 2017

June 14th

Today has been a very sleepy day, probably because I was stressed out and in pain yesterday, and I'm stressed out about tomorrow. Funnily, I learned that eight years ago tomorrow is the day I had my wisdom teeth out. June 15th must just be that sort of day. But considering how well that went, it kind of makes me hopeful that tomorrow will go just as well. I even printed off a list of questions to ask my dentist about the sedation process because I am an anxious mess/a prepared human. I just had dinner which means no more eating until tomorrow after everything is done, which suuucks because I'm such a breakfast person. I'm also dreading the point where I have to stop drinking water, which is 6 AM. I'm gonna be so thirsty. Do you suppose chewing gum is okay?

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