Saturday, May 6, 2017

May 6th

I talk to Cas so much. I just exclaim things to him. Sometimes it's his name, or variations thereupon. Sometimes I say hello. Sometimes I ask how he's doing, or what he's doing. I looked up at him over my laptop a few minutes ago and shouted, "Mister Choosy with the pink nose!" and smiled. I am such a crazy cat lady. But his nose is just so pink right now. It's adorable.

A brief evolution of Cas' current nickname:
Kitty - Chitty - Chizzy - Cheesy - Choosy

Cheese Man, Cheese Doodle, Chess Man, Chess Piece, Chaztamere, Chazley, Chip Tunes, Chip Stain, Chidley, Capstamere, Chizzen, Capsaicin, Zizzy

Small Man, Loaf Man, Tiny Man, Orange Man, Derby Cat, Mister ____ (insert any other nickname here)

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