Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February 1st

I really can't believe it's already February. My dad is coming to visit tomorrow and we're going to get lunch together, and then I've got work on and off for the next week or so. Nothing terribly exciting planned, although I do want to see Moana again.

So, fellow fragrance fans...let's talk Thierry Mugler. The man known for creating three incredibly famous scents, the man who created the gourmand category of perfumery. Three polarizing scents, two of which have loads of flankers and one of which has...still a decent number of flankers. I know he has other fragrances as well, including men's scents, but we're gonna focus on the three main women's scents for a second here. So first off, Angel. Quite possibly one of the most polarizing scents created, the birth of gourmands, and an absolute powerhouse. I personally am not a fan, and have found the flankers I've tried to be too sweet for my taste as well (although nothing compares to the original), but it gets mad respect from me. His second major release, Alien, is an indomitable force as well, despite it only comprising of three notes. I've tried a ton of flankers of this one, and my first venture into Mugler's scents was actually a flanker of Alien, its Aqua Chic version. (I tried that one first as I knew that Mugler fragrances had a reputation for bring very strong and divisive among fragrance fans.) Then of course there's Womanity, the dark horse of the bunch. Fewer flankers and rarely seen in stores alongside its sisters, this one has a niche of dedicated followers and an even bigger group of people who think it smells awful. (I'm not a fan, I'm afraid.)

All this to say, last year I enrolled in a quarterly Thierry Mugler subscription box, and I got my first box this week. (I think it's quarterly, anyway- I can't remember.) This box was all about Alien, and included a some body lotion and shower gel with the original scents, a mini with the EDT, and two samples, one of Essence Absolue (a highly concentrated version of if these scents needed to be stronger) and Eau Extraordinaire. The latter is what I've been testing the past few days, and it got me thinking about the Alien range in general.

If you've smelled one, have you smelled them all? Well, not really. But despite the fact that many of the flankers have much different note pyramids, they do all smell extremely similar. This seems sort of redundant and money-grabbing, but it actually is kind of brilliant. Sometimes it's the subtleties in perfumes that differentiate between a "like" and a "love". That's true of Alien for me. In general, I do like the scents. Aqua Chic is my favorite of the bunch. The original is a bit too heavy for my taste. I enjoy the version with the leather note. I have yet to try the "liqueur" version. Eau Extraordinaire feels very similar to the Sunessence versions to me- a bit lighter and more citrusy. It actually develops quite well; Aqua Chic is pretty linear by comparison. The longevity on Extraordinaire is poor though...which may be ideal for some fans of Alien. The original, though not as crazy as Angel or Womanity, has insane staying power and superhuman sillage. People know when you're wearing these scents. So with Eau Extraordinaire, you get a toned-down Alien. Sure, it's not as rich as the original. Perhaps the EDT is right for you, then. I just have to say, I respect the variety. I certainly don't think it's necessary to have all the flankers unless you're a collector. (I like when flankers are different enough from the original to warrant buying them, but similar enough that they perhaps share a note or just a theme - think Be Delicious or Daisy.) Aqua Chic is probably the only Alien I need in my life (I own Or d'Ambre as well but never wear it), but I'm glad I get to try some other formulations as well.

Oh, and another thing about Mugler scents...all of the bottles are absolutely stunning. Just another reason to collect them, right? I wish I liked Womanity, because it's an incredibly unique and beautiful bottle. But I digress! Here's the lovely work of art that contains Alien Eau Extraordinaire.

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