Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February 28th

Work was good until a tremendous sinus headache attacked my face. It's still happening. I'm about to turn off all the lights and rest because ouuuch my face hurts.

Monday, February 27, 2017

February 27th

February sure flew by, didn't it? Probably because I lost a week to the flu and kind of entered some sort of time bubble where days meant nothing and everything was weird. I still have a bit of a cough and definitely still a case of the sleepies, but I am definitely doing better than last Monday.

So with the 2018 Winter Olympics coming up in about a year and my longtime love of figure skating coupled with a rewatch of Yuri On Ice, I've decided to get all caught up on this year's contenders for the Worlds competition at the end of next month as well as watch last years Worlds because, you know, figure skating. I watched the men's 2016 Worlds last night and I've started on the women's as well. I'm not sure if I'll watch pairs, but the more I think about how much I fell in love with Maylin and Daniel Wende's routine from a few years ago, I feel like I should give watching pairs another go. Men's tends to be my favorite (quads!) and pairs my least favorite simply because it seems more repetitive and lacking in personality, but then again, I don't know who competes these days. Maybe I'm missing out on rooting for a really great pair! Also, I'm really bad at "national pride" when it comes to skating...in most sports I root for the USA because I live here, but with skating, I really value the skater more than their nationality...it's truly about who can impress me the most. And right now, there aren't any Americans who have captured that spot in my heart. My favorite male skater is Japanese and my favorite female skater is Russian, so who knows. (I really want another male skater like Evgeni Plushenko to come around though...he was so brilliant.)

Sunday, February 26, 2017

February 26th

Rewatching Yuri on Ice is so satisfying. Christophe cracks me up so much. I think I cried laughing during the first Intoxicated performance. It's so comically over the top and I love it.

How were the Oscars? I totally didn't watch them in favor of being anime trash.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

February 25th

Today was my first day back at work after being sick and my goodness, it tired me out. The fact that is was a Saturday afternoon didn't really help either. But let's talk about Game of Thrones.

Despite some delays getting started, the concert ended up being fantastic. I was in a pretty interesting seat- directly behind the sound booth, which was also the visuals booth...the tech booth, I guess it was. I was in the third row, and their little section took up the first two rows right in front of me and about seven other people, so we got to see a little bit behind the scenes. It was a little distracting at first, but still neat. The show itself was really spectacular. There were so many practical effects, from pyrotechnics and smoke to things rising from the ground or descending from the ceiling. There were also huge TV screens everywhere, which played clips from the show while the orchestra played relevant music. This was awesome, but since I was so close, it was actually a little hard to look at the screen in front of me because it was so high up- imagine the feeling you get when you sit too close to the screen in a movie theatre and have to tilt your head back the whole time. It was that sort of situation. However, the perk to being so close was obviously that I got to see the musicians really well. The violinist and cellist were my favorites, and they were clearly really into it, which made me get even more into it. The first half of the concert was music from the first five seasons of the show, some of it as medleys and some as songs essentially right off the soundtrack. The second half was pretty much all seasons six, which I haven't seen. Luckily I knew most of the major plot points so while seeing it on the screen was kind of spoiler-y, I still pretty much knew what was going to happen. (It kinda made me want to watch season six, honestly.) I have to say, the finale song was done incredibly well. The tension was so plausible. I also loved that after playing music from the Red Wedding, the composer/conductor Ramin Djawadi joked about locking the doors. He even played the dulcimer for one of the songs, which was so great!

All in all, I'm incredibly happy that I was able to go. I'd go again if I could! It was such a cool experience, and I highly recommend going if you're able!

Friday, February 24, 2017

February 24th

Oh my GOD the concert was so amazing. I'm going to do a bigger post about it over the weekend, but like...whoa. My mind was blown. But not in a Mountain vs. Viper way. Thank goodness.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

February 23rd

It is storming like crazy outside, but I have made it to the Game of Thrones concert! I'm so excited! And really thank I have a VIP ticket because everyone else was stuck out in the rain for awhile. I bought a sweatshirt because I'm lame and I like buying concert merch.


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

February 22nd

Feeling better today, but still coughing. I need this cough to be super diminished by the concert tomorrow night! And also tomorrow is Brad's birthday! Whee!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

February 21st

Guys, I'm actually feeling a little better today. This is the first day I've felt noticeably better. Brad was so kind and helpful yesterday and bought me a humidifier and some camphor stuff to go in it and he even helped me clean my room while I was feeling really nauseated from my amoxicillin. I woke up really warm and sweaty a few times last night/today but overall I am feeling better. I have an appetite again! That's really good. I'm also attending the Game of Thrones concert experience thing in two days so I'm glad I'm doing better. It was a Christmas present and I have special ~VIP~ seats so I don't want to miss it.

Anyways, Patrick Warburton is an excellent actor.

Monday, February 20, 2017

February 20th

I'm still sick. I hate the flu. Never skip getting your flu shot.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

February 19th

Hmm. Still not feeling well. Really wishing I didn't have to work tomorrow, but also curious to see if getting out of the house will help me feel a little better. I feel so cooped up in here. Luckily my shift is a little later in the day so if I wake up feeling gnarly, I might be able to call someone. I just wish I was feeling back to normal already. I'm transitioning into a runny nose, but I'm still feeling worn out and I still have a stupid cough. I took a shower though, so at least I'm clean.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

February 18th

Hey kids, always get your flu shot. I've gotten one every year except this one and now I've got the flu. And because of the meds I take, I can't take any cold/flu medication. They all have contraindications. So I just have to take Tylenol and throat numbing spray and ride it out. Coughing hurts so badly. But things will be better soon!

Friday, February 17, 2017

February 17th

My goodness, I have a bad cough. It is painful. I don't like it. On the plus side, my mom visited today and she and I did some cleaning! Then we had Perkins, and then I napped. I'd like to be better soon please, thanks!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

February 16th

Woo, I'm under the weather. Seems like a cold, maybe? Sore throat, coughing, sniffles. That kinda business.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

February 15th

Hi friendos! Work was intense today, and I didn't sleep well (thanks for snoring all night, Brad!) so I took a lengthy nap when I got home. I have a bit of a stomachache now though, so I'm going to try for a calm night. I have a few days off from work so maybe I'll be productive! And my mom is visiting on Friday, yay!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

February 14th

Happy Valentine's Day, my loves! I had an easy breezy day today, and now Brad and I are hanging out! We had noodles!

Monday, February 13, 2017

February 13th

Work was crazy busy today! So, how about a perfume review?

Don't Get Me Wrong Baby, Yes I Do by Etat Libre d'Orange
Lily-of-the-valley, marshmallow, patchouli, cacao, jasmine, neroli, aldehydes

Today we have Don't Get Me Wrong Baby, Yes I Do from Etat Libre d'Orange, the "sequel" to Don't Get Me Wrong Baby, I Don't Swallow. I was expecting something different from this, but for me it was soapy white florals and aldehydes...and that's about it. It's not a bad fragrance at all, but I was definitely hoping for a little more depth. The aldehydes make it somewhat unique, but I still feel like it's lacking in character. It also doesn't have the greatest sillage, and in order to really smell all the notes you definitely have to get up close with it. From a distance, it's just another white floral. If you're a fan of white florals and want something a little different, perhaps more subtle and suited for office wear, this may be it. Otherwise, it's just not that exciting- I know every perfume doesn't have to be exciting, but I at least expect something a little quirkier from ELDO.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

February 12th

Hello friendos! I ended up doing...not much today. I slept really poorly and didn't feel well and my head hurt. (It still hurts a bit.) Hopefully I sleep well tonight though, and that work is easy! I kinda want Starbucks. Not right now, but after work tomorrow.

Cas is extra cute and floofy today. I love it.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

February 11th

I finished Akame ga Kill! today and I really enjoyed it! There are so many great characters, and it's animated really well, and I enjoyed the whole premise. If you don't mind violence/blood, I would recommend it! It's funny and heartbreaking and so insanely action-packed. Also everyone is really attractive.

Friday, February 10, 2017

February 10th

Work was easy peasy today! And also slow! And I had a iced chai tea latte! And then I napped! And Brad and I played cooperative 2048!


Thursday, February 9, 2017

February 9th

I'm so frustrated. Something in my bedroom smells really bad, like spoiled milk, but I can't find the source. But it's really making me not want to be in my room.

Tomorrow is work, and then a nice weekend off! No idea what I'm going to do yet though, but possibly see Moana again. And like, do chores. But that's no fun.

Cas would very much like to say hello to everyone tonight!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

February 8th

Work was fun today! Lots of cute kiddos hanging out. I love befriending toddlers. They're so pure and excitable and like...happy about life. It makes me happy too.

Tomorrow I might hit up a career fair. I've never been to one before, but it could be useful!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

February 7th

Wooow I didn't do anything today. Whoops. I mean, I got Subway. That was all right. I did not do laundry though. I tried a new fragrance! I'll might review it, but not tonight. I'm on my phone!

Monday, February 6, 2017

February 6th

Work was really good today! I love fun work days, nice guests, all that jazz. Other than that though, today wasn't super eventful! I'm not all that tired either, and I don't work tomorrow, so I may have a snack and watch some Akame Ga Kill or catch up on YouTube videos. Tomorrow is laundry day!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

February 5th

I'm getting ready for bed now. And yes, it's early. But I slept really poorly last night and I'm super tired. I feel like I might wake up hungry at some point though. I'm okay with midnight cereal.

Today was nice at least! The weather is super pleasant here!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

February 4th

Taro tea is not as good as I would have hoped, but still okay. Tomorrow Brad and I are gonna get our pottery and hang out and maybe have pizza, or Korean food! I'm excited for a chill day.

Friday, February 3, 2017

February 3rd

So the good news for today is that Cali Vibes from Hollister is indeed the rebranded/remarketed version of La Perouse! I am so damn ecstatic! I've already ordered a backup bottle. I'm so happy.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

February 2nd

Sigh. Woke up feeling nauseous, and I'm not really feeling much better now. I was able to eat breakfast and then meet up with my dad- we walked around the mall and then had some very subpar food for lunch. I only ended up getting a salad because I wasn't terribly hungry, and it was pretty mediocre. And the service was awful. We then drove around and I showed my dad some cool spots around the city, and then I went home. I was actually kind of hungry by then, but was an idiot and instead of eating real food had some snacks from my Japan Crate and a cookie, and felt pretty gross. I napped, woke up feeling gross, went to the grocery store to get more Uncrustables...and I still feel gross. I haven't eaten dinner, but I'm eating some applesauce at least. I just feel really full and bloated.

Now, because this is a blog of my daily life and what goes down, I am going to share something I learned today. However, I ask that if I know you, please not share this information with mutual friends, etc. My dad found out that he has prostate cancer, and he told me today. He is getting an MRI on Monday to determine the severity/size/etc. so right now I'm not too sure how to feel about it all, other than obviously upset, but it's hard to gauge how upset or nervous I should feel. I don't want this to be a "thing" where people are constantly asking me about it or if I'm okay- I want to cope on my own terms and reach out when I feel comfortable doing so. Thus, I ask that you please not spread this information beyond this blog, out of respect for me and my dad. Thanks friends. <3

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February 1st

I really can't believe it's already February. My dad is coming to visit tomorrow and we're going to get lunch together, and then I've got work on and off for the next week or so. Nothing terribly exciting planned, although I do want to see Moana again.

So, fellow fragrance fans...let's talk Thierry Mugler. The man known for creating three incredibly famous scents, the man who created the gourmand category of perfumery. Three polarizing scents, two of which have loads of flankers and one of which has...still a decent number of flankers. I know he has other fragrances as well, including men's scents, but we're gonna focus on the three main women's scents for a second here. So first off, Angel. Quite possibly one of the most polarizing scents created, the birth of gourmands, and an absolute powerhouse. I personally am not a fan, and have found the flankers I've tried to be too sweet for my taste as well (although nothing compares to the original), but it gets mad respect from me. His second major release, Alien, is an indomitable force as well, despite it only comprising of three notes. I've tried a ton of flankers of this one, and my first venture into Mugler's scents was actually a flanker of Alien, its Aqua Chic version. (I tried that one first as I knew that Mugler fragrances had a reputation for bring very strong and divisive among fragrance fans.) Then of course there's Womanity, the dark horse of the bunch. Fewer flankers and rarely seen in stores alongside its sisters, this one has a niche of dedicated followers and an even bigger group of people who think it smells awful. (I'm not a fan, I'm afraid.)

All this to say, last year I enrolled in a quarterly Thierry Mugler subscription box, and I got my first box this week. (I think it's quarterly, anyway- I can't remember.) This box was all about Alien, and included a some body lotion and shower gel with the original scents, a mini with the EDT, and two samples, one of Essence Absolue (a highly concentrated version of Alien...as if these scents needed to be stronger) and Eau Extraordinaire. The latter is what I've been testing the past few days, and it got me thinking about the Alien range in general.

If you've smelled one, have you smelled them all? Well, not really. But despite the fact that many of the flankers have much different note pyramids, they do all smell extremely similar. This seems sort of redundant and money-grabbing, but it actually is kind of brilliant. Sometimes it's the subtleties in perfumes that differentiate between a "like" and a "love". That's true of Alien for me. In general, I do like the scents. Aqua Chic is my favorite of the bunch. The original is a bit too heavy for my taste. I enjoy the version with the leather note. I have yet to try the "liqueur" version. Eau Extraordinaire feels very similar to the Sunessence versions to me- a bit lighter and more citrusy. It actually develops quite well; Aqua Chic is pretty linear by comparison. The longevity on Extraordinaire is poor though...which may be ideal for some fans of Alien. The original, though not as crazy as Angel or Womanity, has insane staying power and superhuman sillage. People know when you're wearing these scents. So with Eau Extraordinaire, you get a toned-down Alien. Sure, it's not as rich as the original. Perhaps the EDT is right for you, then. I just have to say, I respect the variety. I certainly don't think it's necessary to have all the flankers unless you're a collector. (I like when flankers are different enough from the original to warrant buying them, but similar enough that they perhaps share a note or just a theme - think Be Delicious or Daisy.) Aqua Chic is probably the only Alien I need in my life (I own Or d'Ambre as well but never wear it), but I'm glad I get to try some other formulations as well.

Oh, and another thing about Mugler scents...all of the bottles are absolutely stunning. Just another reason to collect them, right? I wish I liked Womanity, because it's an incredibly unique and beautiful bottle. But I digress! Here's the lovely work of art that contains Alien Eau Extraordinaire.