Tuesday, January 3, 2017

January 3rd

I feel like I need to take another nap. I am so damn tired. I got almost no sleep last night, and even though I napped when I got home, I'm still sleepy. I have a bunch of packing to do though, which is stressing me out. I have to get up early which means I should spend the next two hours getting ready and then just sleep, but I have no energy or motivation to do that.

In other news, that leg wax was a fucking joke. It seems like instead of ripping the hairs out of the follicle like you're supposed to, this just like...ripped off the hairs, if that makes sense. Basically, the same effect you'd get from shaving, where the hair is even with the skin...except it's not even. There are tactile, visible hairs all over my legs, and there are even portions on my knees that were completely missed. The problem is, my legs hurt and itch so badly that I don't know if I can shave them. Complete waste of money and time. I should have gotten my hair done instead.

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