Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January 31st

It's time for another perfume review! Today is Muguet Blanc by Van Cleef and Arpels.

I tried this lovely scent in hopes of finding something similar to my beloved La Perouse. (Which I literally just found out today has apparently been repackaged/repromoted by Hollister, oh my god.) I have to say, while Muguet Blanc isn't the exact same, it is very reminiscent! The primary note in it is lily of the valley, with some peony and neroli as well. I'm not always a huge fan of strictly floral scents, but this one is really lovely. The lily of the valley is gorgeous, and the scent overall is incredibly gentle and comforting, a little soapy, but it also has a small citrus-esque kick from the neroli. It's definitely very green, but somehow in a way that I actually find pleasant. Usually overly-green perfumes are much too sharp or medicinal but this just...this just feels right. I don't have good words to describe this one as both times I've worn it it's lulled me to sleep in a really nice way. It's so fresh and vibrant, yet muted. I really enjoy this one.

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