Monday, January 2, 2017

January 2nd

All right, so today was interesting. I actually slept pretty well, but ended up feeling sick after eating a little too much chocolate so I kinda just hung out in Brad's bed all day while he was at work. I also got my legs waxed tonight, and it was...okay? I wasn't able to get an appointment at my normal spa (where I had my Brazilian done a few days ago) so I went somewhere totally new. It was on this weird, poorly lit road in the middle of what seemed like an industrial area, which was kinda bizarre. The spa itself was clean and all that though. However, I feel like my legs are having a worse reaction to the waxing than my hooha, which seems unusual. They itch like crazy and they're super bumpy, and they just don't feel smooth. I would liken it to how your legs feel a day or two after shaving, where you can feel the hairs coming back. Maybe it's just because it's my first time, but I'm gonna need them to chill out because if they're gonna stay feeling like this or the hair is gonna come right back, then I'm better off shaving. (The Brazilian, however, was great. Would recommend.) So I won't be going back to this esthetician. Even if my legs end up feeling better, I still like my other place a lot better in like, every single regard.

Tomorrow I have lots and lots to do! Work first, then I have a hair appointment, laundry, and of course packing for MAGFest! I can't believe it's so soon!

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