Sunday, January 29, 2017

January 29th

Perfume reviews! Perfume reviews! Today I'll be chatting about these two scents from Van Cleef and Arpels...

I know these bottles look nearly identical, but they are in fact two different scents! I'm currently sampling quite a few scents from this line, so don't be surprised if you see another similar bottle in the near future.

So, first off is Bois d'Iris, or essentially, "Iris Woods." I was super excited to try this one, as I've been really enjoying iris scents lately. I like the old-world, powdery feel that they've got going on, and I figured the "wood" element, in this case driftwood, would help enhance that. Well, I wasn't quite right unfortunately. The dominant note in this fragrance is actually vanilla. There are also some sweet resins like myrrh and amber, as well as sugar. So instead of a powdery iris, I got a saccharine vanilla with an afterthought of woods and iris. The thing is, it's not a bad fragrance. However, because of its name, I was expecting something totally different. I'm also not really on a vanilla kick right now, so I just didn't enjoy this one, despite it objectively being quite good.

Secondly we have Gardénia Pétale, which I don't think I need to translate for you. This one actually does what it says on the tin. If you like rich, milky gardenia, this is ideal. This is basically a soliflore, which to some may be an excellent thing! If you love realistic, creamy gardenia, run out and buy this. It's got some hints of other white florals like jasmine, but it's pretty much gardenia through and through. I can appreciate that, but since gardenia is more of a "like" than a "love" for me, I typically prefer it to be in scents with other notes to offset it. (Crystal Noir by Versace is a great example.) Again, an objectively excellent fragrance but not one I'll be looking to buy.

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