Wednesday, December 7, 2016

December 7th

Today is gonna be a mini-rant.

Why is it that when someone does something horrible, other people always go, "Oh, but they're always so nice!" or "They've never done anything bad to me!" Like...honestly? Just because they've never personally wronged you does not make them automatically a good person. I simply cannot comprehend how people, knowing full well that someone has done something really awful in their life, can still call that person nice for the sole reason that said bad thing did not directly involve them. Oh, they stabbed a guy a few years ago? Well, you know, it was in the past! Plus, they've never stabbed me! What's that? They guy they stabbed has permanent damage? And the stabber has no remorse? Oh, well...but they're just so nice and everything! I don't see any reason to dislike them! Oh, the stabbing victim was one of my friends? They'd prefer if I didn't associate with the person who stabbed them? No, I think they're just biased against that person! I'm going to ignore my friend's wishes because the stabber has never stabbed me personally, which means the victim is clearly biased!

People really frustrate me.

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