Sunday, December 18, 2016

December 18th

A certain boyfriend of mine is falling asleep listening to me type. Apparently it relaxes him - which is weird, because I get irritated if I can hear typing when I'm trying to do something. Oh well!

Today was the ultimate sleep-in lazy day. Tomorrow I actually have to do stuff, like clean and do laundry and whatnot, and then it's time for the work week that all people in retail fear: the week before Christmas. I have to be at work before 7:00 AM two days in a row, and the day after Christmas my shift starts at 6:00 AM. Thank goodness MAGFest is just around the corner! I got Cas all booked in his kitty hotel for the time that I'm away, and it's actually not even that pricey, despite the great reviews. It's pricier for dogs though, because they need walks and potty breaks and stuff. Cas is pretty chill.

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