Monday, August 22, 2016

August 22nd

You know, sometimes you get your ass in gear and go to t'ai chi class, and it's fun. You learn some stuff and catch an Onix. Then you get a call saying your apartment flooded and to get your ass home. Because, you know, my apartments haven't flooded enough in my lifetime. But lo and behold, I came upon a smashed in front window and a soaked bathroom, carpet, and personal belongings. The supply pipe to the toilet burst and basically drenched everything. I have renter's insurance so I should be able to get some money back for the things that were damaged, but things like my signed Ninja Sex Party CD, signed book by Tim Gunn, and train pass from Dublin to Belfast aren't replaceable. (Hell, the ticket has no monetary value.) I'm just bummed because this is the third time there's been a water crisis in my apartment bathroom (the last two being at my previous apartment) and I'm sick of damp carpets, maintenance men in my house, fearing for Cas' safety (he literally could have jumped out the window and run away this time around), and fearing for my belongings.

Assuming my water gets turned back on in the next day (sigh) I just wanna take a shower and go out tomorrow before getting back to the work grind. I'm nearly over this cold (although I believe all the ibuprofen I took gave me a rash) and I just wanna be out and about for a little bit.

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