Saturday, May 28, 2016

May 28th

Brad and I just got back from IKEA! It was a super rainy drive going down there, and a little busy, but not too bad! I got a chair for my desk, and found an amazing storage/display case for my books and perfume. I'm super excited! I have to order that one online though.

Tomorrow is hopefully the last day at the Uhaul locker! Gotta get my piano out and sell it, plus donate the remaining furniture. As long as it's not super hot again tomorrow, it should be okay.

I really need to do a biiig storytime blog about this whole move, but I feel like I'm still settling in! I may do it when I'm back in Minnesota (June 8-10) since I'll have some downtime. I'm so, so stoked to see Andrea Bocelli.

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