Saturday, December 19, 2015

December 19th

Scent of the Day: pc02 from biehl parfumkunstwerke

So, can you tell by the brand that this is a German perfume? I thought so. I've been trying to find something from this brand for awhile that would strike my fancy, but most of their compositions are made of very similar note pyramids, not many of which appeal to me. This one, though, was different from the others so I thought I'd give it a go. This is a very, very sweet perfume. Honey, sugar, and tonka bean prevail here. It's almost too sweet, but just barely stays on the side of wearable. It's tempered by cardamom, which isn't really detectable in smell but rather in how it makes the perfume function. It makes it less heavy. The drydown of this is actually quite wonderful, though. If I could have a perfume that was just this after 4+ hours on the skin, I'd love that. It's still sweet, but very sensual, like sweet skin. There's some patchouli and spices, plus the aforementioned sweetness, but nearly so intense. This is definitely a winter scent, though, it would be far too cloying in the summer. I'll finish my sample of this just to enjoy the drydown again.

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