Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5th

I've got a case of the sleepies! The problem with going to bed this early though is that I know I'll wake up around 3 AM and that I won't be able to fall back asleep. It's been happening a lot recently. I think it's because I get so stressed knowing I have to wake up in just two hours that my mind can't relax so I just lay in bed thinking about how my alarm is going to go off and how the longer I think about it the less I'll sleep, but then I never get back to sleep. It's very frustrating, and usually means I'm super tired after work and end up napping for longer than I should, which also doesn't help. 

I meant to buy bread after work today but I didn't. Now I don't know what to do for lunch tomorrow. I may bring a frozen pizza. I need to go grocery shopping so badly, but I have to wait until Wednesday to do most of it because that's payday. I'll probably just buy bread then, since I only work 7-11 AM on Wednesday. Baby shift! But it's going to be a super busy morning and they need an extra helper. 

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