Sunday, October 4, 2015

October 4th

I've just applied some new fragrance for testing, hooray!

Today it's Incense Flash from Andy Tauer.

So, this is obviously an incense-heavy scent, as the name implies. I think a lot of people get the wrong impression about what incense in a fragrance means, though. It's not one of those scented incenses that you find at a head shop or anything like that. It's just a smoky smell, really. This also has leather and some woodsy notes, so it's certainly on the more masculine side. It is very much like an uncomplicated version of Lonestar Memories. Tauer's Flash perfumes are meant to be just that though, uncomplicated. They have a very small note pyramid and really focus on just one note. (He also has Rose Flash and Vanilla Flash.) Incense Flash seems like a good, cozy campfire scent, perfect for this time of year. It's one that I'd really enjoy smelling on a guy. I don't really believe that any fragrance has to be for a certain gender, despite certain things being attributed to men and women. (Men get aquatic, woodsy, and herbal scents; women get floral, fruity, and gourmand.) I'm happy to wear scents marketed to any gender, or those marked as unisex, so long as they smell good. But this one happens to be one that I'd rather smell on a guy. Definitely something that I would find sexy. Lonestar Memories, which is similar, does have the same "masculine" qualities but dries down quite sweetly. This seems to be very rough and dirty, and unless the wood sweetens things up later, this is like the men's equivalent of a soliflore - and a good one! Guys, give this one a whiff. It's very easy to wear, no bizarre notes, and definitely a crowd-pleaser, but still unique and very high quality, as Andy Tauer does so well!

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