Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September 30th

It's nearly October! Whoa! I really like October.

I'm so sorry for getting so behind on fragrance reviews! There are so many I'd like to review, I think I may just re-test them and hopefully get reviews up and going again. I've definitely tried a few interesting scents since my last review!

Today I'm wearing Lys du Désert from Decennial, which I was assuming would be quite a creamy scent since it's got lily (lys) in the name, but it's actually quite sweet and also woodsy. It smells very familiar, too, though I can't figure out what it reminds me of. Though, given how many perfumes I've sampled in the past year, it's not unreasonable that some would smell similar to me.

Notes: Cedar, lily, labdanum, ambergris, bergamot.

This is a pleasant enough scent, but it honestly just smells like a generic niche scent to me. In exploring the world of niche perfumery, it becomes obvious that niche scents just don't smell like the typical designer scents at Sephora or Nordstrom. But there are trends and tropes with in the niche scene too, making some of them smell quite unremarkable. What a like about niche scents is that even if they don't suit me, they push boundaries. They don't smell like anything else, because they don't have to appeal to the masses.

However, Lys du Désert smells very marketable, and not so exciting. Like I said, it's just too familiar. It's certainly not bad, and I think a lot of people could enjoy it. (It's made by Andy Tauer, and it does sort of smell like some of his other scents. Not in notes necessarily, but in presentation. It's got a strong L'air du Desert Marocain/Lonestar Memories vibe to it.)

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