Wednesday, September 23, 2015

September 23rd

Remember last September when the nurse at my doctor's office was not so careful about letting me know what dose of medication to switch back to after the one I was taking at the time stopped working? And I was in the hospital? And I got serotonin syndrome and couldn't work for almost three months? Well, I'm having issues with him again. (Same guy, of course.) Last week I called to get my prescriptions refilled. Since the medication I take is a controlled substance, my pharmacy has to contact the nurse at my doctor's office and get approval. That was Friday. Today is Wednesday. Two voicemails left for the nurse by my pharmacy, two left by me, and my prescription is not filled. He hasn't even returned my phone calls. I have two pills left. That's enough for one day. I don't know what the hell he is doing but I am extremely stressed out. I have tomorrow off, thank god, so I will quite honestly probably drive my ass an hour and a half down to have a little chat with the office and see what they can do for me. But this is insane. I have night audit this weekend. And beyond that, I have a fucking job. I can't just have some asshole not responding to phone calls regarding the medication that literally gives me my livelihood.

I have an appointment with my doctor in two weeks. She happens to be out of the office for a week right now, which is really poor timing. (I think she must take this week off every year though, because she was out this time last year too.) But if I go down there and can't get the prescription filled, what am I supposed to do? Go to urgent care and tell them the nurse from my doctor's office is fucking MIA and I need my medication or I'm going to lose my job? I will not go through what happened last September again. That was beyond ridiculous.

If I could find another doctor I would. But there are none in my area who are taking new patients. The waiting list is a year long. And I like my doctor. I liked it more when she had a private practice. But ever since she joined this group, things have been so much more difficult. This should not be this hard. I'm stressed and anxious and fuck, the medication I need is for anxiety. So I'm feeling extra anxious. I know what happens when my serotonin levels are off. I am so overwhelmed and terrified and stressed. If you all could send good vibes that things will work out tomorrow, I would appreciate it.

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