Saturday, September 19, 2015

September 19th

Four years! Yay! I'm proud of myself. This time last year was rough, but wow, so much has happened since then. It's kind of crazy to think about it, really. Ireland, new job, and of course Brad! And many more things! Lots of new friends! Steven Universe!

If I didn't have to work in the morning I'd watch Mulan tonight. I got a bit of a late start today since I was up until like 6:00 AM playing Geek Out with John and Garry. But alas, I have to get to sleep soon. And work some long days, followed by two nights of audit. I just want it to be Wednesday so I can get my paycheck.

Cas has been sleeping in a small pile of my dirty clothes all day and as much as I feel like I should put them in the laundry basket, he is way too cute to disturb his throne. I do love that kitty a lot.

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