Saturday, August 8, 2015

August 8th

Welp, I thought I worked at 9 tomorrow morning but I actually don't work until 3 in the afternoon. I'm okay with this. So I'm watching Steven Universe. I'm super excited because the exciting backstory that everyone hypes up so much is starting to come about, and I'm so curious about it all. The show is a lot like Adventure Time, really. They both start of goofy and seem a bit inane. There's singing and a quirky theme song. The animation style is a bit bizarre. But as it progresses, the characters get some real depth, and there's legitimate plot development, and currently a lot of intrigue. I've been enjoying it, even though it took a few episodes to get me interested. (Like Adventure Time.)

Today I sampled one of the Serge Lutens "bell jar" fragrances, which are quite expensive and hard to come by. I was intrigued by the notes and description of this one though, so I bought a sample awhile back and finally got around to wearing it.

This beauty is called De profundis, from the Latin phrase De profundis clamavi, or "From the depths I cried." If that along with the look of the perfume itself doesn't intrigue you, I don't know what to tell you. De profundis opens with one of the most beautiful soil tincture and green compositions I've ever smelt. Normally, a fragrance that smells like, well, dirt, is off-putting, but this smelled like so much more. It was like sitting in grass, with yellow dandelions all around you. If you pulled a dandelion out of the ground and smelled it - its flower, the dirt clinging to its roots, the greenery of the stem - that was how this smelled. This perfume is based around chrysanthemum, so I'm guessing that was the flower I was smelling. There's meant to be a lot of violet in this too, but I never got that. The cool, green vibe quickly turned into something very conflicting - it turned warm. It was if one of Lutens' oriental spicy perfumes was seeping in, like Chergui or Five o'clock au Gingembre. I loved the initial coolness of this, but when it turned warm and almost spicy while still smelling green and earthen, it was bizarre and unlikable. It may have been the plum blossom, I'm not sure. I was hoping the incense note would come and save the day - really, I was hoping this perfume would be some earthen violet incense scent. (The bottle sure makes it look like it would be.) But fresh green flowers mixed with a warm and honeyed sweetness along the lines of Chergui was just not appealing to me. I'm sure if you're one of the people who gets a lot of violet and incense out of this, it's quite lovely. But on my skin, it didn't work out.

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