Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 7th

Today was a bit of a slow, sleepy day. I caught up on sleep from this weekend and had some bizarre dreams, and then work was unbelievably slow. No phone calls, no people, just...quiet. Now I'm going to try out one of my new Tauer perfume samples and try to sleep, I think. I don't work until late tomorrow, so even though I'm going to bed weirdly early, waking up in the middle of the night would be okay since I can sleep in if my sleep schedule goes a bit wonky.

I got this lovely letter from Andy Tauer when I received my samples (which are in the tin box) - he really is a fantastic person! Great company and always wonderfully unique scents - even if I don't like them, I can appreciate them. They all tell a story, and I love that.

Carillon pour un ange: Lily-of-the-valley, oakmoss, lilac, leather, and ambergris.

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