Friday, July 24, 2015

July 24th

I have such a busy weekend ahead, and then Monday through Wednesday off. Backwards three-day weekend?

I bought some Wall Flowers from Bath and Body Works today. One of them, which is actually a really nice scent, is inexplicably way stronger than the other one, to the point where I can actually smell it from my room, and it's the one farthest from my room. It smells a lot like my Michael Kors Very Hollywood perfume. Lots of gardenia. But it's getting to be quite strong, and I want to smell the other one too! It's nice and fruity and tropical. Plus I'm not so sure how I feel about having something that smells so much like one of my perfumes be the scent of my home. It's different. I wonder how hardcore Jo Malone fans feel about that sort of thing, since all of her fragrances also come as candles.

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