Sunday, July 12, 2015

July 12th

Oof! I woke up at 3:30 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep, so I had a sleepy day at work. I also ended up staying an hour later than I was scheduled because one of my coworkers wasn't feeling well and wanted to go home, so I took the rest of her shift. She did the same for me earlier this week, so I would have felt like the biggest jackass if I'd said no. Being at work when you're sick is miserable. I may have been totally pooped, but she deserved to go home early as get some rest. I ended up feeling pretty unwell after lunch (Jimmy John's brought free sandwiches and the one I ate made me feel super sick), but I made it through the long day and took a nice nap when I got home.

Anyone up for some perfume reviews?


Well, Cas just made a contribution to the blog. Let's try that again.

This little number is called Dzing! by L'artisan Parfumeur and it is a very weird one. Let's break down the notes here. Caramel. Leather. Cotton candy. Musk. Apple. Ginger. Toffee.

So that alone is a pretty bizarre combination. And it creates an even weirder smell. Before trying this one out I looked at some reviews, and there was a consensus among most reviewers, and I'll have to agree. Something about this smells like standing in front of the elephant enclosure at a zoo. Imagine you've just sprayed a really lovely, rich perfume on yourself. But you're right by an elephant, so you can smell him, and the hay in his enclosure, and maybe some of his poop too. Just that general zoo animal smell. It's a very weird combination, because without that animal note, this might actually smell kinda nice. But it's way too weird. People were comparing it to zoo animals, to riding horses, hay, dung, you name it. It kind of works, in its own weird way. It's hard to explain. But it's not something I'll be wearing again.

Last night I decided to try out Misia from the Les Exclusifs de Chanel range. The main notes were violet, iris, and powder, and owning a perfume that shares similar notes, I figured this was a safe bet. It was! Misia is a delight. It opens with a gorgeous blast of aldehydes alongside the powdery purple flowers. After it settles, litchi and rose come out. It's mainly a powdery candied violet scent (which I love), so this was a great take on that. However, I must give this one huge negative comment- its staying power and sillage are almost non-existent. Within five minutes of application it's already settled into its drydown, and within the hour it's gone. It's barely even a skin scent - I sprayed it one before bed so I was all curled up in it, and I could still hardly smell it. There are better powdery violet/iris scents out there, ones that last longer and are stronger. Misia does well by being slightly unique and having a wonderful fruity undertone alongside the fresh rose and beautiful initial burst of aldehydes, but it's all counteracted by the fact that it goes away so quickly. If this were stronger and lasted longer, I'd probably be head over heels for it. But as much as I love its scent, the juice itself leaves something to be desired.

Today I am wearing one of my heart's greatest delights, FĂ©erie by Van Cleef & Arpels. This scent was an instant favorite. I've had it for over a year now, probably close to two, and it delights me every single time I wear it. Now, when I first bought it, I bought it because I liked the bottle. That's definitely not the best way to blind buy a perfume, but the notes looked harmless so I gave it a shot, and totally fell in love. This perfume is magical. I've described it in the past as a mixture of a magical forest, dark berries, and a mojito. It's mainly comprised of violets and blackcurrant, and it reminds me of my first trip to Ireland. I wore it there, and since then the smell has been evocative or Ireland to me. I really do cherish this one, and it also happens to be one of the scents that garners me the most compliments from others. I think it suits me well and everything about it is lovely. (They've also recently released a new edition called Rubis which features a ruby red bottle and I want it so very, very badly.) This scent will always have a place in my heart, and the bottle a place on my shelf.

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