Friday, July 10, 2015

July 10th

Today has been a better day. Here's what I posted to Tumblr earlier:

"so, as some of you probably know, for the past couple of days I’ve been in a really bad rut of depression. just this morning, I was talking to my boyfriend on the phone and the connection was lost, and I started crying. that stupid little thing upset me so viscerally for some reason. it’s been one hell of a week, basically.
something really amazing happened when I went grocery shopping. after loading up my car and preparing to back out, a young guy, probably early twenties, runs in front of my car. he smiles the biggest smile ever at me, flashes the nerdfighteria sign, and gets into his car, which was next to mine.
I’ve had a DFTBA bumper sticker on my car for three years now and that’s the first time anyone from the community has ever noticed/acknowledged it.
I couldn’t stop smiling and looking over at him. I felt like I had just made some surreal connection and it just lifted my spirits so much. (I - of course - flashed the sign back at him, grinning like an idiot.) it was just a random act of community in a grocery store parking lot, yet it made me feel so much lighter, happier, and so much less alone.
so to all you nerdfighters out there, especially those of you who are like me and have been with the community long enough to know how absolutely massive its gotten since its inception- these little joys can still happen, and they are wonderful. and I feel so, so much better today."

So, since I'm feeling much about some perfume reviews?

This is Memoir Woman by Amouage. Amouage is a fragrance house that was founded in 1938 by the sultan of Oman. The scents from this house are well-reputed for being both incredible to smell and very expensive. I ordered a sample of Memoir, as it looked to be the most appealing of the lot. Its three prevailing notes are leather, incense, and absinthe. I love all of those notes. And in this scent, they all small amazing. It's well-crafted, very smooth, and enjoyable to wear. But as I was wearing it, I realized that as much as I love its notes, there are other scents featuring those notes that I love more. I have a favorite leather-dominant scent, a favorite absinthe scent, and a favorite incense scent. I don't need all three combined. And for $300 for a 50ml bottle? It's just not worth it to me. It truly is a lovely scent, but not one that I need. I have a sample of Fate Woman from Amouage that I have yet to try, so perhaps that will wow me. Its notes are dissimilar from anything I own, so that may be the answer to falling in love with one of these revered scents.

And here we have Carillon pour un ange by Tauer Perfumes, which I mentioned a few days ago. This is mainly a lily-of-the-valley and lilac scent, and I've got to say, it really doesn't go much beyond that. It is incredibly realistic, like sticking your face into a fresh bouquet of flowers. That said, this also makes the perfume very sweet, and just a bit too floral-green for my taste. It wasn't screechy, but it certainly followed my around and despite its lightness, felt very intrusive. Carillon pour un ange is an ode to lily-of-the-valley, so I get the realism here. But unfortunately this one isn't for me.

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