Thursday, May 21, 2015

May 21st

This morning was hellish. I got a knock on the door at 8:00 AM. It was my landlord and a maintenance guy. Apparently my neighbor had water leaking in her apartment, so they needed to check to see if my apartment was okay. Where would the water be leaking, you ask? In the corner of my closet of course, under many boxes and bags. So I had to empty out everything on the floor of my closet (mind you, my room was NOT clean - so this whole deal was embarrassing on top of being annoying) and put everything on the floor of my room. I got the all clear in my carpet not being soaking wet. Sweet. Except then the maintenance guy comes back. Says there's a problem with the pipes. (No shit. My bathroom ceiling has collapsed more than once since I've moved in here.) So what does he need to do? Take out all the shelving and the clothing rod from my closet to access the ceiling. So I then have to empty my entire closet of clothes, more boxes, everything I store in there. He comes back with a plumber and they cut a hole in my closet ceiling.

By doing this, they determine that they in fact should just redo the piping because something is fucked up. This will involve not only opening up more of my ceiling, but also going through the wall in my bathroom. However, this will not be occurring until next Wednesday. (You know, the morning after I work an all-night shift, some guys are gonna show up for four hours and invade my house with loud noises. It's great.)

So these two dudes, plumber and maintenance man, have been in and out of my apartment for like three hours at this point. They finally leave. I can finally sleep. ...Wrong. My landlord knocks on my door just as I'm getting ready to nap. Gives me some updates. Lets me know they're going to give me some money off my rent for the now four times my apartment has had to be ripped apart. Tells me I'm all good to put everything back in my closet until next Wednesday, so I proceed to shove everything back in.

Okay, so finally time for a nap. Wrong again. Less than half an hour later, some other guy shows up. He's the carpet guy. He needs to look at the carpet in my closet. You know, the closet I just filled back up. So I have to take everything out again. He determines that there may be some dampness in the corner. So he rips out the carpeting from my closet. Brings in a giant vacuum. Scares the shit out of Cas and laughs about it. Does something or other in the closet for a few minutes. Says he'll be back "later in the week" to put my carpet back. No clue when. I can't put my things back in the closet now, of course, because the floor is all exposed. It smells like wet sheetrock. (Which is not a nice smell.) I don't know when he'll be back.

I couldn't nap after that. I was so stressed out from the constant barrage of people in and out my my apartment that I was super in edge. I felt like I was going to hear another knock at the door any minute and have to let more people in to rip apart more things.

I don't know what to do. All of my belongings are on the floor. It smells funny. These people are coming back to tear shit apart, and I have no safe place to go during that time. I don't know where Cas will go either. I just want my apartment to be normal.

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