Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May 20th

What a nice day off! I caught up on some YouTube videos, napped, and just generally chilled out. I also finally received my bottle of Tauer's Lonestar Memories, which is extremely exciting! And to add to the excitement, I found out that Andy Tauer (owner of the line and perfume creator) actually signs a card that comes with each scent you order! So now I can say I have the autograph of one of my favorite perfumers. My L'Artisan discovery set came as well - two of which are duplicates of the minis I got from Sephora, but there are eight others to try - and most of them seem really promising. Plus the samples I received with my LuckyScent order are all really interesting (I tried another Tauer - Noontide Petals - which seems like an aldehylic delight), so I have so much to try! Not to mention my countless other samples...

I think I've discovered that I don't really enjoy tuberose, which is a shame because one of my L'Artisan minis as well as two of the samples from the discovery set are tuberose-heavy. (One, Les Chasse Au Papillons, is the same scent that I have as a mini.) The other mini, Mure et Musc Extreme, unfortunately also doesn't seem to be my taste, so I may return the minis to Sephora. I could also swap them, but I'll be down in the Cities this weekend anyway so a trip to Sephora could easily be arranged. I'm really excited to try everything though! My apologies for not posting as many reviews lately, but I've been sampling so many things lately, and I've also been quite busy! I'll do my best to get back on top of providing better reviews.

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