Friday, April 3, 2015

April 3rd

I have been watching You Lie in April all day. I've been wanting to watch it since the lovely Reina Scully mentioned it awhile ago on SourceFed Nerd, and even more so since she recently tweeted that the finale was really moving. Mike and John and I bummed around on CrunchyRoll a bit last night and I figured since I had a temporary pass to the site, I'd watch YLIA. Well let me tell you, it is compelling. I think anime has a bad reputation, or several really, of falling into a lot of negative clichés or having viewers who are perceived as weird. There's a bunch of weird anime out there, and a bunch of weird (non-Japanese) people who watch it too. But this negative stereotype surrounding it means not a lot of people watch it, and I have to say, those people are missing out. Yes, anime does have a certain style about it. There are idiosyncrasies not found in Western/American television. But YLIA is a great example of well-written, interesting anime that isn't too cliché, but still has the charm of a shoujo-style show. It's certainly quite dark at times (seriously), definitely not all sparkles and fluff, but it's cute, too. I'm glad SourceFed does Anime Club- it's gotten me interested in the genre again, and this show in particular is excellent. Psycho Pass (which is on Netflix), one of the shows we watched last night, is also good. It's much darker than YLIA, and caught me totally off guard. It's really intense. But it's extremely interesting and has a fantastic premise, so if you have Netflix, I'd check out the first episode. Viewer discretion advised as it does delve into some pretty explicit criminal activity of a sexual nature in the first episode, but the plot is really captivating.

Anyway, I don't work until 5:00 PM tomorrow. How weird is that? I'm practically used to waking up at 5:00 AM.

And I need to buy milk.

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