Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April 22nd

Back to the grind tomorrow! These two days off completely flew by. Probably because I napped through most of them. Whoops. I did play Pokémon for quite some time last night and I have to say, X is so different from all of the other games in the series. It's almost baffling, but I understand why it's so different. Apparently one of the main complaints with Gen V was that is wasn't accessible to new players, so for Gen VI they made it so people who had no clue about Pokémon could have an easier time getting the basics. The problem is, even though they explain the things that anyone who knows anything about Pokémon would already know (like how to heal your Pokémon), the don't actually explain the NEW things about the game, which is extremely frustrating. There's something called O-powers, for example, and every town you visit, some guys gives you one. If you ask for an explanation about what they are, he says the same thing every time. "Find them on the PSS screen and use them!" Great! Except I don't know what they are or WHAT THE PSS SCREEN IS OR HOW TO ACCESS IT. It seems like something to do with all the ridiculous Wifi/internet shenanigans, but I don't know.

Also, the game is super chummy. Like, rival battles? Nah. You don't have a rival. You have four(!!!) friends who you see in like every town, or that you see along the route to the next town, or anywhere else you could imagine...and only one of them is actually worthwhile. The one that should be your rival, the one with the Pokémon opposing your starter? He just shows up sometimes and you fight WITH him against other trainers. What? Oh. And this has been said before but the "villain" team is laughably stupid. They're motto is like, "we're gonna take over the world - with style!" and they claim to be super hip and stylish but really they're just doofy and pointless and don't even really have a goal. I don't know.

I'm ready to play ORAS, hopefully it'll be better than this. And another thing! Gym leaders are SO few and far between. I've been to probably...ten towns at this point. Two of them have had gym leaders. I've been through like four caves, done some awful sidequests...but the main point of the game? You know, where you beat all the gym leaders and fight the Elite Four? What happened to that? I am literally ten hours into the game and I've fought two gym leaders. It's absolutely ridiculous.

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