Friday, March 6, 2015

March 6th

So what I said last night about not being able to get into Matt's Lieberfriend hangout? I got in, in the last slot. It was pretty fun actually, and William Haynes even showed up for a bit. It was a good night. Then I fell asleep with Cas in the room and he kept waking me up so I didn't sleep well.

A really, really kind Fragrantica member is selling me a Turquatic rollerball and a very hard to find (Japan-exclusive) fragrance decant for cheap and I'm so excited and grateful. I'm on a slow-buy right now so I'm trying not to spend a lot on perfume, but this is a really amazing deal from someone who I've swapped with in the past and who is very kind, so I thought I'd take her up on the offer.

I still need to get my hands on some Burberry London though. And not a freaking fake on from eBay. Seriously. I love that stuff and I'm nearly out.

Brad's about to call and I'm watching Villene's stream tonight! Whee!

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