Sunday, March 1, 2015

March 1st

Hello hello! Have you all had a nice weekend? I woke up bright and early at like 6:30 today and had some energy, so I spent a good two hours tidying up at my dad's house. He's moving soon and I was sorting what few things I had there, plus just helping out in general. Now I'm back up at my apartment with my silly, needy cat. He's such a little goober.

This week is the last week I have before I start working again, so I'm going to attempt to get lots of fun stuff done and treat myself a bit. I do have to head back down to my parents' neck of the woods for a doctor's appointment in a few days, but I'm also planning on getting a haircut and maybe getting my nails done. I also have a new book to read (All the Light We Cannot See) and a shiny new Sephora gift card. I'm thinking I want to get a rollerball of Tomorrow from Tokyomilk but I am undecided as of yet! What I really want is some NARS foundation, but even with my gift card it'd set me back $30. However, it's one of the only foundation that truly is pale enough for my skin, and apparently it's quite amazing as well. But $50 for a foundation? Ahh.

I have yet to apply any perfume today, but I may do so before going to bed. I don't know what to wear though! Perhaps I'll dig something out of my big bag o' samples. What I'd really like is to own a full bottle of Andy Tauer's Lonestar Memories though, because my tiny sample is nearly out and I adore that scent. I want to wear it more!

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