Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23rd

Happy birthday to my darling Brad! I unfortunately didn't get to see him this weekend like we'd planned, but hopefully I can see him soon! I have birthday and Valentine's things to give him!

I received my end of my most recent perfume swap today (just a little one again!) so I'm wearing one of my new scents today! I did a mostly-sample swap (and one rollerball) and now I'm wearing the tiniest but most expensive sample I got. I also got a Nest rollerball and a few other little samples, and I'm excited!

Perfume of the Day: Five O'Clock Au Gingembre by Serge Lutens (unisex)
Spicy, warm, woody. Notes include ginger, cinnamon, tea, honey, and amber.
I own: 1ml decant

This one smells just about exactly how I expected it to, which is actually nice. I like when I can look at the notes, think up how it might smell, and then test it and have it smell just how I imagined. Sometimes surprises are nice too, but not if they're bad surprises. I wanted to try this one because it's a well-liked niche brand and a type of smell I don't tend to go for, that being a more gourmand smell. Cinnamon and I only get along sometimes, and I don't really like smelling like a sticky cinnamon bun from the bakery. So I figured this, which is meant to smell like gingerbread cookies and tea, might take down the gourmand factor a bit but still smell cozy and a bit foodie, but not too much. And it does! It's dry, spicy, and really does smell like gingerbread and tea. It's very pleasant! I don't really see myself going for a whole bottle since Serge Lutens is very expensive and I'm not in love with the scent, but I do really like it and appreciate it.

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