Sunday, February 22, 2015

February 22nd

Hi friends! It is so freakin'-frakkin' cold up in here. It's -11, but feels like-30. Which is a little better than earlier, when it felt like -35, but still. Too chilly! So I didn't leave the house today. No thanks frostbite, I'll pass on your offer.

I'm having a better day than yesterday, so you all get a normal blog post today! Get hyped! And by normal I just mean this crap plus a perfume review, so feel free to get...not hyped.

Perfume of the Day: Stella by Tocca
Citrus/floral/sweet. Notes include blood orange, bitter orange, freesia, daffodil, orchid, and musk.
I own: 5ml decant

I just received my decant of this last week and it's both what I expected and a bit of a surprise. The initial blast is, as expected, the ripe juiciness of oranges. If you hold your wrist up to your nose and sniff, you'll get that smell the whole time you're wearing it. But as it dries down, if you catch a whiff of it from a slight distance, it's almost a dead ringer for Britney Spear's Curious. I thought it smelled slightly familiar when I first applied it, and then checked the reviews on Fragrantica and noticed someone had made that comparison, and there sure were right! Curious was one of the first perfumes I ever owned, and it's a very nostalgic scent for me. I wore it my freshman year of high school, and recently I've been considering buying a small bottle just for the memories. (Plus it's really inexpensive.) (I've been considering doing that with all of my high school perfumes, actually. I want to get my hands back on them. Scent is such an interesting memory trigger!) So this perfume has a Curious accord to it, despite not sharing any of the same notes. I'm not sure why that is, but once the strong blood orange juiciness fades, all I could think of was how similar it was to Curious. So that was the surprise, alongside the predicted juicy orange-ness! If you like orange scents and like(d) Curious, or want a slightly classier smelling version of it, this is your scent. I'd love to try the rest of the Tocca "girls" at some point, and this was a good start!

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