Sunday, January 4, 2015

January 4th

Well, after waking up a bit and participating in a very fun Hatoful Boyfriend stream, I actually managed to sleep pretty normally last night, and get up at a decent time. Tonight I'm feeling better too. My new contacts from LensCrafters have been a bit of an issue- to the point where in one of my eyes I'm wearing the last of my old brand of lenses- so I know I need to head back in there yet again to talk to them about that, and also to pick up my glasses...again...because those have been giving me trouble too. Sigh. I'm more concerned about my contacts though. The new ones I received are a lower prescription than my old ones, hence switching back to my old ones - sort of, anyway, since I only had one left, so I could only put one in my right eye - because the new ones didn't/don't feel like they're helping me see as well. I'm going to see about just switching back to my old lenses because they were just fine, honestly, I only tried the new ones because the optometrist recommended it. He's also the one that gave me so much trouble with my glasses, so I'm done taking advice from him. The problem is that since I used up my left lenses before my right lenses, I only have the box (which says the prescription on it) for one of my eyes. I know the main numbers for my eyes for that brand (left -8.5, right -7.5) and that my new ones are left -7.5, right -6.5, but I don't know the littler numbers. Hopefully they can figure that out without the box, and hopefully they can exchange the contacts with no issue, because I liked my old contacts better anyway. They were more breathable and my eyes are used to them, and they feel lighter. The new ones are also really hard to get out, which is so annoying.

So that's my LensCrafters rant of the day...we shall see how things progress from here. I'd stop in there before work tomorrow but I don't want to get stuck there, plus I have to do other stuff before work, like go to the post office! And that's a priority! I have stuff to send out!

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