Friday, January 30, 2015

January 30th

Work was super busy today! I ended up staying over an hour part when I was scheduled to leave because it got so crazy. I didn't mind though! My feet hurt a bit and I work all day tomorrow, but it'll be okay.

I finally went and got my new glasses! I wanted to wait until my current pair of contacts were ready to be switched out anyway so I could just wear my contacts to LensCrafters, take them out there, and wear my new glasses home. And conveniently, one of my contacts was really irritating me all day, so I'm glad to have my glasses! They're working out a lot better than before and I'm so thankful! They look a little different than I remember though, maybe because of some adjustments that were made to the size of the lenses or frames, because now they make my face look a bit short. Oh well. I'm sure I can figure out a way to do my makeup that makes my glasses look better! Because the glasses themselves are pretty sweet.

I also hit up Target and got some groceries! Now I have ice cream. Because I totally needed that. But I got lunch meat and bread, which I did need! And I get paid soon, plus tax returns...yay!

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