Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January 28th

So when Brad is going to bed, he'll fall half asleep while still talking, and that turns into a semi-coherent conversation which is just brilliant. If I ask him something, for example, about whatever he's started dreaming about, he can usually answer it. And sometimes he'll be able to answer actual questions, just with strange answers. I just asked him what I should blog about tonight. He said "fin." I asked what he meant. He spelled it out for me. "F-I-N, fin." I tried asking for more information about what to blog about fins, but he started talking about something else. 

So I guess the theme of tonight's entry is a fin. Fins help sea creatures swim. Sometimes they're really long and majestic and sometimes they're short and round. They're like the feathers of the sea. 

Brad's a funny guy. I sure like him a lot. 

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