Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January 20th

Easy drive down to my dad's house? Check. Seeing an awesome movie? Check. Gonna go eat a snack after I finish this? You betcha.

My dad and I saw The Imitation Game tonight, which is the first movie I've actually seen in a theater in...a really long time. I literally don't even know what the last movie I saw before this was, not counting movies on Netflix and such. I can't afford movies, man! But this was definitely a really good one. Benedict Cumberbatch was incredible as per usual, and honestly all of the cast was pretty damn fantastic. We almost went to see Selma, but then I read that Charles Dance was in The Imitation Game and I was like "SOLD." (He doesn't have a huge part in it, but his character has a Tywin Lannister vibe about him which was fabulous.) Overall the movie was really well-acted, the soundtrack was great (I didn't know beforehand that the score was done by Alexandre Desplat, but coincidentally I was listening to some of his music on my drive down today!), and there were some really great cinematographic moments. It's not a movie to have to see in theaters to get the ~full experience~ so I'd recommend renting it or waiting for it to hit Netflix.

And now, a sandwich!

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