Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January 13th

So last night I fell asleep with all my lights on, still wearing my clothes, all that nonsense. I think I was possibly a little bit tired. I just finished watching Reese streaming Animal Crossing and I may or may not be a guest on Mike's stream tonight! I just have to stay awake. AHHHH.

Now I'm making pizza and drinking a nice caffeinated beverage. I'd like to see some Super Mario 64, I just need to actually be up for it!

I had crazy weird dreams last night. I may have mailed someone a burrito in one of them. A Kyoto burrito, to be exact. I discovered them at Target and they're these super healthy "burritos" that are themed after countries and such. The Kyoto one has a bunch of Japanese goodness in it. And no meat, so totally cool if you're a vegetarian!

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