Saturday, January 31, 2015

January 31st

Tonight you guys get a song! Please enjoy, and happy almost February!

Friday, January 30, 2015

January 30th

Work was super busy today! I ended up staying over an hour part when I was scheduled to leave because it got so crazy. I didn't mind though! My feet hurt a bit and I work all day tomorrow, but it'll be okay.

I finally went and got my new glasses! I wanted to wait until my current pair of contacts were ready to be switched out anyway so I could just wear my contacts to LensCrafters, take them out there, and wear my new glasses home. And conveniently, one of my contacts was really irritating me all day, so I'm glad to have my glasses! They're working out a lot better than before and I'm so thankful! They look a little different than I remember though, maybe because of some adjustments that were made to the size of the lenses or frames, because now they make my face look a bit short. Oh well. I'm sure I can figure out a way to do my makeup that makes my glasses look better! Because the glasses themselves are pretty sweet.

I also hit up Target and got some groceries! Now I have ice cream. Because I totally needed that. But I got lunch meat and bread, which I did need! And I get paid soon, plus tax returns...yay!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

January 29th

Addendum to last night's entry: fins are like both feathers and wings, depending on where they are on the body. That's been bothering me all day. 

Tonight: Super Monkey Ball 2 and then sleep! Tomorrow and Saturday: Work! Sunday: Visiting my dad! I am a busy lady!

It's almost February! Whee!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January 28th

So when Brad is going to bed, he'll fall half asleep while still talking, and that turns into a semi-coherent conversation which is just brilliant. If I ask him something, for example, about whatever he's started dreaming about, he can usually answer it. And sometimes he'll be able to answer actual questions, just with strange answers. I just asked him what I should blog about tonight. He said "fin." I asked what he meant. He spelled it out for me. "F-I-N, fin." I tried asking for more information about what to blog about fins, but he started talking about something else. 

So I guess the theme of tonight's entry is a fin. Fins help sea creatures swim. Sometimes they're really long and majestic and sometimes they're short and round. They're like the feathers of the sea. 

Brad's a funny guy. I sure like him a lot. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January 27th

I had another night of weird sleep last night. Bad, scary dreams, restlessness, and damn did I wake up sore. Not fun at all. I got to talk to my doctor today though and we're going to make some minor changes to my meds to see if that helps with the wonky sleep schedule. Here's hoping!

Brad got home from MAGFest tonight, so we finally get to Skype again! Plus Mike, John and I finished Super Mario 64 last night and started Super Monkey Ball 2 (yay!), so that was a lot of fun. I think Mike's doing the Half Life series next, which I'm looking forward to! I've never played those games, so that'll be fun for me.

I put on some perfume to feel more awake and instead it make me feel very cozy and sleepy. Whoops! Hopefully that means I'll sleep well tonight!

Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26th

Two hours of work today! Yeah! Make that money!

Now Mike, John and I are finishing Super Mario 64! Cas is joining us too. I'm hungry though!

Tomorrow is a free day! What shall I do?

Sunday, January 25, 2015

January 25th

I called my doctor about all this sleepiness I've been dealing with for the past 2-ish months. I'm taking literally four things that can have a side effect of drowsiness, and some of them can disrupt sleep patterns as well, so I figured she'd be the one to ask. I really wish I had more energy! I think the weather is probably part of it too, the sun setting so early and the days being cold and grey, but I feel like I've just been more tired in general as of late, even if I get enough sleep. We'll see where that goes! Hopefully towards more energy!

Tomorrow I've got work for a little bit, then I may do some book shopping with my Barnes and Noble gift card. I think I want to get Wreck This Journal, but I'll still have money after that...who knows what I'll buy with that. Surprises!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

January 24th

I unfortunately didn't fall asleep until really late last night, and then fortunately did work my whole shift today, so I'm really tired. I just tried taking a nap, and by just I mean two hours ago, and set my alarm for 9. Couldn't do it. Too exhausted. Rolled right back over. Now my blog alarm has been by alarm for the past 20 minutes and I've even been snoozing that. What is my deal? All the lights are still on and I'm hungry! But sooo tired. 

Not sure yet what I'm up to tomorrow. It may involve a lot of sleep. Or maybe an adventure! 

Friday, January 23, 2015

January 23rd

So, just for the heck of it, along with actually posting a picture that I said I was going to post in a timely manner (who is this Kate of 2015 who actually does stuff?!), I'm gonna throw in a second BONUS PICTURE for free!

...I don't really have much to blog about today. I went to work, and then the post office, and then the bank. It was a very standard day.

So enjoy my brand new bottle of Chanel No.5 Eau Premiere, and (most of) my current perfume collection! (Not all of it fits in the designated spot, and I don't wear or even like some of the ones I own, so those aren't on display. Feel free to ask about them if you're curious though!)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

January 22nd

So MAGFest is starting, which means a good portion of people I quite enjoy (you know, like my boyfriend) are all congregated on the east coast, and I am here. There are so many people at MAGFest that I want to see and while I'm super happy that they all get to hang out, I get to instead...not do that. So I'm a little bummed out. 

Hopefully work tomorrow and Saturday will be fun, and hopefully I'll get a lot of hours in, and hopefully this weekend won't feel too lonely! If nothing else, I have delicious tea.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January 21st

One month til I get to see Brad again! Yay!

I bought myself a little something with my Sephora gift cards tonight. I kinda want to take pictures of it while it's still in the cellophane because I'm so damn happy about it. And then I'll unwrap it and take MORE pictures!

Now, off to stream with Mike!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January 20th

Easy drive down to my dad's house? Check. Seeing an awesome movie? Check. Gonna go eat a snack after I finish this? You betcha.

My dad and I saw The Imitation Game tonight, which is the first movie I've actually seen in a theater in...a really long time. I literally don't even know what the last movie I saw before this was, not counting movies on Netflix and such. I can't afford movies, man! But this was definitely a really good one. Benedict Cumberbatch was incredible as per usual, and honestly all of the cast was pretty damn fantastic. We almost went to see Selma, but then I read that Charles Dance was in The Imitation Game and I was like "SOLD." (He doesn't have a huge part in it, but his character has a Tywin Lannister vibe about him which was fabulous.) Overall the movie was really well-acted, the soundtrack was great (I didn't know beforehand that the score was done by Alexandre Desplat, but coincidentally I was listening to some of his music on my drive down today!), and there were some really great cinematographic moments. It's not a movie to have to see in theaters to get the ~full experience~ so I'd recommend renting it or waiting for it to hit Netflix.

And now, a sandwich!

Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19th

Hello one and all! I actually slept really well last night but for some reason I feel completely exhausted. I wasn't at work very long, I didn't do anything too tiring today...I'm just really sleepy. So please pardon the short entry!

My dad and I are going to see a movie tomorrow night. Any recommendations?

Sunday, January 18, 2015

January 18th

Happy Sunday! Hatoful Boyfriend is all finished up now (except some extra stuff that Mike probably won't do, haha), and it was such a fun experience! Replaying that game was totally worth it, they hide so many little nuggets in there that pertain to the finale. Also, my feels!

Tomorrow may include me going to work (I hope!) and maybe some other fun adventures! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

January 17th

Happy Saturday! I got to work my whole shift today, hooray! Seven hours! I didn't get my paycheck yet though, so hopefully I'll get that on Monday. Then Tuesday I'm visiting my dad and sister!

We're nearly through with BBL! I love streaming this game with Brad and Mike. I have awesome friends and an awesome boyfriend. And an awesome cat.

Friday, January 16, 2015

January 16th

I had another Kyoto burrito for dinner today. Tasted better than I remembered, but I think I ate it too fast. Whoops.

My entire shift at work got cancelled today because it was so slow, which was a huge bummer. I still work tomorrow though, so hopefully I get to stay the whole time.

Cas has been so sleepy today! I just want to cuddle with him but he's on the headboard. I'm in a cuddly mood!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

January 15th

I am feeling much better today. Brad was super supportive and wonderful last night and I'm in a much better mood. Plus I work tomorrow and Saturday, hopefully for my entire shift! Getting sent home early is lame. 


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

January 14th

I wanted to wait until a little later to post because I'm currently in a bit of a funk, but I also just want to curl up and sleep and I'm worried I'll sleep right through my alarm, or wake up and not want to blog. I really don't like being in this sort of mood, where you just feel generally bummed out. Like, I know I don't have a legitimate reason for being this moody. But my brain is doing the thing where it's like, "Oh you have this insecurity? You were feeling bad about this one thing? Now you're feeling bad about ALL THE THINGS." And it's nothing that's going to change, it's not like I can go be productive and fix the problem my brain is telling me I have. It's out of my hands, it's just a thought. Still, this one thing leads my brain to invite in all the unpleasant visitors like loneliness and despondence.

But hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. A bright and massive improvement upon this mood!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January 13th

So last night I fell asleep with all my lights on, still wearing my clothes, all that nonsense. I think I was possibly a little bit tired. I just finished watching Reese streaming Animal Crossing and I may or may not be a guest on Mike's stream tonight! I just have to stay awake. AHHHH.

Now I'm making pizza and drinking a nice caffeinated beverage. I'd like to see some Super Mario 64, I just need to actually be up for it!

I had crazy weird dreams last night. I may have mailed someone a burrito in one of them. A Kyoto burrito, to be exact. I discovered them at Target and they're these super healthy "burritos" that are themed after countries and such. The Kyoto one has a bunch of Japanese goodness in it. And no meat, so totally cool if you're a vegetarian!

Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12th

Brad went and made me all sleepy. And Cas is sleeping too. I didn't think I was that tired but now I'm all comfy and cozy and sleepy. 

No work tomorrow, so I don't know what I'm going to be up to yet! Perhaps a fun adventure. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

January 11th

Hello, late night blogging! I got distracted on the internet. I was watching the time, and I figured I should probably get over here and post something!

I didn't do anything too terribly exciting today, just some grocery shopping. I work tomorrow though, and hopefully I'll get to stay for my whole shift - being let off early because things are slow is always a bummer, and that happened last time I worked.

I found out there are month long, once-a-week t'ai chi classes near me! I'd have to shift around my work availability ever so slightly, but maybe I can start taking classes again...I miss t'ai chi! I'd be happy to do some other sort of martial art, too. It makes me feel like I'm in Avatar. Waterbending is based on t'ai chi, if you didn't know! And when I did t'ai chi, it really felt like I was doing waterbending movements. It was super cool, and super relaxing. Goals for 2015: More t'ai chi!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

January 10th

We had a shorter stream tonight due to technical difficulties, but it was fun anyway! We're close to halfway through BBL now! I'm so excited!

I am thirsty! Reading text for hours is quite tiring on the throat, and we're not even to the part of the game where I have most of my dialogue. Also, if you want to catch up on Hatoful Boyfriend, you can check out Mike or Reese's streams on Twitch. They are fantastic! Mike's are on YouTube as well, same username!

Friday, January 9, 2015

January 9th

It's time for Mike to start his blind stream of BBL, so it's a short entry tonight! Time to eat a sandwich and have some feels. 

Have a lovely night my friends!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

January 8th

Sometimes you just want to drive to your apartment in the normal amount of time but instead it takes over two and a half hours because apparently everyone forgot how to drive when it snows. This is Minnesota, it happens every year. I understand slowing down when driving. I don't understand everyone going 20 miles an hour instead of 60 or 70. It was a little windy. Little bit of snow on the ground. But compared to what I've seen in the past, this was NOT a bad day to drive. Everyone else seemed to think it was though. It's also freezing outside, so that's fun. 

Cas seems to be doing well! His appetite is still down but he seems okay. Plus there was a scratcher post thing on clearance at Petsmart so he has a new fun thing to busy himself with. 

I have a ridiculous headache and I know going to bed this early usually means I wake up at like one in the morning and then can't get back to sleep til four or five but I am tired and sore, and Skyping with Brad as he goes to sleep makes me sleepy. 

Hopefully after work tomorrow, if I'm not too tired and it's not too cold, I can run some errands. I at least need to go to Target. I need more deodorant! 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January 7th

I didn't go to LensCrafters today, but hopefully I'll go tomorrow. My left eye, the one with the new contact, is itchy and irritated and has been for a few days now. The other eye is fine. Yet another reason to switch back to my old contacts. I'm still frustrated with myself for not keeping the box that my old left lenses were in, the box with the complete prescription number, but I have the box for the right eye and I'm hoping that's enough. But first thing tomorrow is a trip to the doctor to check in about all my meds, and then a fun drive back up to my apartment. Hopefully I'll sleep super soundly and won't be tired after my appointment/the drive so I can go to LensCrafters and get my life sorted out. I need to pick up my glasses too...sigh. I've never had this much trouble with my eyes before. Why did I even bother getting new glasses? Why did I decide to let the doctor who gave me such a funny new glasses prescription (and wouldn't let me use my old prescription in my new glasses) give me a new type of contacts, too? I should have known better. I'll at least be happy if I can get my contacts sorted out, since those are what I wear every day. Fingers crossed!

I hope you all sleep well tonight too! I miss Cas. I hope he's doing okay post-tapeworm shot. I gotta get back up there and check in on him, no dawdling down here!

On the plus side, I like my comforter at my dad's house. It has birbs!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

January 6th

Cas and I went to the vet today! He was very well-behaved, because he is the chillest cat. He got a tapeworm shot and a check-up, and now I'm broke. They don't know why his appetite is down though, which is worrying. But hopefully once the tapeworm is gone, Cas will be all sorted out.

Now I'm sleepy because I had bizarre dreams about Germans and birds and Cas woke me up at one point. So it's off to bed I go, after I Skype with Brad! He's already falling asleep, so I'm trying to blog fast!

Good night, my friends!

Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5th

Happy Monday! It is cold and I am sleepy, so I am giving myself permission to have a short entry today. I feel like I'm nearly asleep as it is and I just want to talk to Brad and cuddle Cas and have a cozy night.

Happy half-birthday to my mom! And to me tomorrow! Whee!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

January 4th

Well, after waking up a bit and participating in a very fun Hatoful Boyfriend stream, I actually managed to sleep pretty normally last night, and get up at a decent time. Tonight I'm feeling better too. My new contacts from LensCrafters have been a bit of an issue- to the point where in one of my eyes I'm wearing the last of my old brand of lenses- so I know I need to head back in there yet again to talk to them about that, and also to pick up my glasses...again...because those have been giving me trouble too. Sigh. I'm more concerned about my contacts though. The new ones I received are a lower prescription than my old ones, hence switching back to my old ones - sort of, anyway, since I only had one left, so I could only put one in my right eye - because the new ones didn't/don't feel like they're helping me see as well. I'm going to see about just switching back to my old lenses because they were just fine, honestly, I only tried the new ones because the optometrist recommended it. He's also the one that gave me so much trouble with my glasses, so I'm done taking advice from him. The problem is that since I used up my left lenses before my right lenses, I only have the box (which says the prescription on it) for one of my eyes. I know the main numbers for my eyes for that brand (left -8.5, right -7.5) and that my new ones are left -7.5, right -6.5, but I don't know the littler numbers. Hopefully they can figure that out without the box, and hopefully they can exchange the contacts with no issue, because I liked my old contacts better anyway. They were more breathable and my eyes are used to them, and they feel lighter. The new ones are also really hard to get out, which is so annoying.

So that's my LensCrafters rant of the day...we shall see how things progress from here. I'd stop in there before work tomorrow but I don't want to get stuck there, plus I have to do other stuff before work, like go to the post office! And that's a priority! I have stuff to send out!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

January 3rd

I had a nice long Skype call with Brad last night and it made me feel a lot better. I'm so grateful for him. 

I tried to go to bed at a decent hour last night and very nearly did until sudden nausea struck and kept me up all night. It was miserable. And by the time I finally felt better and was able to sleep it was morning, and then I slept all day. I didn't get up that long ago. My body and mind feel all out of sorts now and it's really frustrating. I feel tired but not tired, restless but not awake, and so forth. I feel heavy in my bed and I have no energy. I don't want to sleep more just yet, and yet I do want to sleep more because I don't feel like doing anything else. I just feel generally unwell and unhappy with that fact. I wish my body would just cooperate!

At least Cas is here to be my buddy. :)

Friday, January 2, 2015

January 2nd

I am having a very strange day. I first had a sleepless night and finally fell asleep around 5 AM, then I proceeded to have weird, disjointed nightmares. I woke up feeling terrible, tried to sleep more, had more nightmares, and all around felt very unwell. I eventually got some decent sleep, diddled around the internet for a bit, and have slowly fallen into a somewhat despondent mood. I feel worried about a lot of things. I am worried about love and loneliness. I feel depressed and alone and unwanted, despite that being a very irrational feeling to be having right now. I am attributing it to the fact that I went from spending seven wonderful days with a wonderful person and giving and receiving lots of love, affection and laughter, and then that suddenly going away. Now, it's not truly gone. But it is no longer physical, it's not present in my home, it is not constant. This feels scary and hard to imagine.

Distance is a beast of a thing that can be subdued with Skype calls and text messages, but only time and money can make it truly disappear, and that's intimidating. I feel like I want to sleep. I feel like I have a lump in my throat and that I want to cry. I feel like I'm standing in front of a mountain that only goes up and may never even end, because the peak keeps hiding behind the clouds. And even when the very highest point of the very tall mountain peers out from behind the clouds, I'm still faced with the fact that in order to reach that peak, I must climb a very tall mountain. I am not climbing it alone, but it is still a mountain.

It's harder to hold on to something that you can't feel in your hands. I am gripping blindly and tightly and I don't want to let go, but the mountain looms over me and the beast bites at my hands. But I'm not letting go. I am holding on with my hands and my heart.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

January 1st

Happy New Year! I can't believe it's 2015. I feel like I got most of the sappy stuff out of the way last night, so today I just want to say that I'm excited for this year. It's already starting off differently than last year, and that's exciting. Plus this year I have a cat, and that is exciting on like at least five different levels.

I've got work tomorrow, which is also good! I spent today catching up on sleep so tomorrow ought to be pretty good. I get to work with someone I like (I like all of my coworkers, to be fair, but still), it's a decent length shift, and then I might be streaming with Mike in the evening. Even if I don't, it'll still be a relaxing day! Hopefully I'll get up early enough to go to the post office before work. I have things to mail that got postponed. I know I can't mail all of them tomorrow since I have at least two proper letters to write to people and I'm not alert enough for it tonight, but these are goals for the upcoming week. Productivity! I shall start the new year being productive! (Said Kate after sleeping all day.)

Brad's nearly finished his drive home (he is such a badass for making such a long drive), which means we have a Skype date soon! I was pretty torn up this morning about him leaving, but goodbyes are hard and that's okay. It's funny to go from basically living with someone for a week to knowing you won't see them in person for at least a month, but that's what phones and computers are for, right?

I hope you all have a wonderful 2015 filled with love and happiness. I look forward to spending this year with you! I love you all!