Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November 26th

You guys, I have a full-on horrible cold. Like, congested but runny nose at the same time, coughing, sinus pressure, all that fun stuff. Would you be mad if I pushed back the photos another day? Because of the meds I'm on, the only "cold" medication I can take is actually allergy medication (Benadryl, which combined with my meds will make me RELLY tired so I'm putting off taking it), because normal cold medication has an ingredient that can give me...serotonin syndrome. And having had that a few months ago, I now know that I definitely don't want to possibly go through that again. Plus, I work in a few days! Like, two days! Black Friday! I really hope I'm feeling much better by then, because this is not how I want to return to work, all sniffly and sore. I'm so congested that I can't taste food at the moment, which I hate, so I've been eating mac and cheese for like and hour now (the same little bowl of it) and it's gotten cold but I can't taste it anyway, so I don't even care. Eating when you can't taste is super lame.

Stay well, my friends!

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