Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November 18th

I knew if I took a nap at 6:00 PM, I'd wake up at 10 to blog and still be tired and ready to sleep some more, and also hungry. Alas, that is the case.

Anyway. The train ride up to Belfast was really chill, and there was so much livestock along the way! Cows and sheep and all those fun animals. And Belfast...I like Belfast a lot so far. It's like a mix between London and Dublin. It's an Irish London, but much smaller. I visited the Titanic Museum, which was actually smaller than I'd expected. I opted out of the boat ride simulator because that sounded nauseating, but the rest of the museum was fairly interesting. I was hoping there would be more artifacts though, and there were hardly any. After buying some sweet socks and a scarf at the gift shop (reasonably priced, actually), I tried desperately to find the docks they visited on The Amazing Race but I ended up somewhere else and my poor feet were tired and I wanted to hit up the mall before it closed (things close so early here!), so I gave up on that. I think I actually know where it is now, but I don't think I'll have time to go back.

The mall was all right...I grabbed some more Barry M nail polish and, again, a concealer I've heard good things about, though this time it wasn't the Rimmel Wake Me Up, it was the Collection Lasting Perfection. We'll see! I only buy concealer in the UK, it seems.

I also bought some dinner (very yummy roast chicken sandwich and Naked juice), and then headed back to my hotel here, which I actually like quite a bit. It appears to only have one electrical outlet though, which is really annoying.

Tomorrow I have to get up super early and eat a really filling breakfast and shower and all that, then be at the tour check-in at like 8:25. That's a lot for one sleepy Kate to manage, but hopefully if I sleep now, I'll be okay! I'm excited for this tour! GAME OF THRONES WOOHOO.

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