Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10th

It's looking like my trip is going to be a rainy one, except for maybe a bit of my first day in Belfast. (Which is good, since I want to shop that day!) Luckily the forecast says a lot of the rain will be light and/or not last all day, so that's good. As long as I can do everything I'm schedule to do and not get totally soaked, I'm good! Plus I have a new raincoat! And waterproof boots!

Speaking of weather, we got about a foot of snow here today. Hello, winter! It's so chilly and white all of a sudden! So Cas and I are cuddling together inside, as per usual.

I'm currently trying to work through my Watch Later playlist on YouTube, which I let get up to 100+ videos again. Naughty! It's down closer to 60 now though, which is good.

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