Sunday, October 5, 2014

October 5th

I hate driving at night. I really hate it. I feel like I can't see, I feel like deer are going to run out in front of me, I feel like people are tired or drunk and aren't driving as well as during the day. So that, coupled with my current anxiety issues, made driving down to my dad's house tonight pretty awful. I was only on the road for about 15 minutes when I realized my anxiety was getting extremely bad (also an 18-wheeler tried to merge into me), to the point where I couldn't drive as well, so I took the next exit and found a parking lot, calmed down, took some Klonopin and...couldn't find my way back to the freeway. Wherever I'd turned into didn't allow me to go back out the way I came, so I ended up going like half a mile down some sketchy road with no lighting, and then when I came to a dirt road/dead end, I literally just turned around in the middle of the road and went back. Then I saw four deer on the side of the road, which scared the shit out of me. I was obviously going really slowly, but still. Then they ran off into this forest that looked like it was out of a horror film- there was a line of trees and then behind that it was pitch black, like it went on forever. I eventually found my way back to the freeway though, and the rest of my drive was slightly less tense (thank you, Game of Owns, for distracting me just enough so that I wasn't thinking about how anxious I was), although it was still awful. So, casual reminder to myself- don't wait all day to drive down to the cities. do it when there's daylight. Driving at night is horrible.

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