Thursday, October 23, 2014

October 23rd

Well I'm unexpectedly at my mom's house because the sketchy nurse at my psychiatrist's office decided that oh, apparently my normal psychiatrist does have appointments available? I've had some trouble with communicating with him in the past (like when he told me to start back on 20mg Lexapro a day with Prozac still in my system, which is what gave me serotonin poisoning), and when I called today saying I was having anxiety symptoms again after increasing my Lexapro dosage, instead of answering any of my questions (should I decrease my dosage? should I take any tonight?), he just told me I needed to come down tomorrow morning. It's no short haul to get me down to her office, so that was unexpected. The psych I'm seeing tomorrow is my psychiatrist who has been out of the office since before my initial anxiety issue, not the guy who has been helping me in the interim, so I don't know how caught up she is. I'm not looking forward to re-explaining my medical issues over the past 2+ months yet again, but we'll see how it all goes. As long as my vacation can still go ahead, then I'm okay. I don't want to start fiddling around with medications too much. And I also REALLY want to get back to work soon, for many reasons. And starting new meds can always disturb that, and my managers don't want e back til I can be there reliably (understandably), but I don't know when that can be. It's really frustrating. I'm ready to be better now, please and thank you!

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